Turn back the clock to a time before the mouse arrived in Orlando and tourists shuttled from theme park to theme park on elevated trains. Turn those hands a little more... to the days when Elvis sang on AM radio, TV was black and white, and road trips were just beginning on the new Interstates. This is the Gatorama you'll find in Palmdale, Florida.
Steeped in old Florida charm, Gatorama is an original Florida roadside attraction. Thousands of snaggle tooth 'gators and crocs of the swampy southern lowlands call Gatorama home. Our 1000 foot long boardwalk at Gatorama has kept its sense of days gone by. With a simple metal roof to keep the sun and rain at bay, you'll get up close and personal with many Florida native and exotic animals. You're not likely to get this close to LARGE alligators and crocodiles anywhere else.
Take a virtual tour or visit our alligator farm. Customized experiences include birthday parties, scouting adventures and field trip experiences for students and teachers. We can host your next group or corporate event. Reserve a Gator Night Shining. Photographers and video production companies love us for our wildlife and remote location shoots.
Gatorama is Florida's Original Alligator and Crocodile adventure. We won't put a strain on your wallet but we will put a smile on your face. Come on down!


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